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Robert Procop, A Designer Legend


We are incredibly excited to share with our community an exclusive jewelry experience. For a limited time, stop by our Clear Lake location to view a suite from legendary designer, Robert Procop. This artist has stolen the hearts of avid jewelry collectors worldwide with his one-of-a-kind designs. He is marked by his reverence for non-heated stones and uses them exclusively. He not only hand selects and cuts them himself, but also creates custom designs to complement each one. All of his works are made by hand, and he produces a limited number of pieces every year.



Robert Procop is truly an artist addicted to his craft. His career started in his teens when he delved into the diamond industry and was able to support himself through his college years. After graduation he set up shop on Rodeo Drive, and the rest is history. His work is in the private collections of American presidents, international royalty and A-list actors, some of whom he has partnered with to create new collections.





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His love for the process and story of each piece is apparent in his presentation: each client who purchases a ring, necklace, bracelet, earring or pendant also receives paperwork detailing the piece’s journey from the mines to the show room, as well as the original renderings.


Come see some of Robert Procop’s pieces at our upcoming show! Click here to learn about our upcoming trunk show!

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